Monday, 19 August 2013

miles and miles of tiles...

M and I had to run an errand today, a very boring one, but we managed to liven up the day by also visiting The Old Tile Works in Barton, North Lincolnshire. As you can see it is nestled almost underneath the Humber Bridge. The walls are all made of tiles which are quite stunning.

This site has only opened this year and has a restaurant, workshops and shops; pottery, jam maker, natural wool. M failed to steer me away from the natural wool workshop, it was quite an interesting browse. Locally sourced wool, naturally dyed, right up my street but sadly I couldn't justify a splurge.

Seeing all the lovely thrown pots drying out made me think about dusting my potters wheel off, but if the truth be known I am kind of waiting for the children to leave home before doing something that requires time, space and concentration!

We had a lovely lunch and it was an interesting place to visit, I think we will be going again; hoping they will have stocked up on the sweet potato chips by then!

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