Monday, 13 February 2012

off the hook...starburst cushion!

My name is Juanita and I'm an Instagram addict! Instagram is an app - I only learnt what an app was quite recently - how behind am I? I'm renaming this cushion 'the starburst cushion' because it's probably not a 3 hour cushion anymore, and I am sure there are faster crocheters out there who could whizz up the front design in much less.

It looks very old fashioned despite using a much chunkier wool than they would have used in the old days (I think) but it looks very much at home in our eclectic sunlounge.

I finished the back this morning - just rounds of trebles, worked into the tops of trebles, it took ten rounds in the end. Quite economical on wool - the front weighed just 65gms, the back will have weighed about 100 or so (I forgot to weigh that for info). It would probably require about 200gms of aran wool in total, but that's only a guess.

I'm quite pleased with how much I've used my large 400g ball of 100% aran wool. I bought it simply because I liked it, with no idea what I'd make - so far I've crocheted two pairs of these mittens, and this cushion and I still have enough left for something else. It cost just a tenner.

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