Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Off the hook...Sunday Shawl

Well I seem to have photographed this on the wrong side even though it's not really supposed to have a wrong and right side. I guess the shell row stands out more as having a right and wrong side. I'm definitely not going to brave the wind and rain to re-photograph it though! Various things from the garden took off last night and landed in the field. I've retrieved them and weighted everything else down.

So, I've been doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I've made some Christmas gifts that I can't show you yet. I've also made this shawl for myself. It's from a pattern I bought just before we went to Italy and I was hoping to find some suitable yarn out there to make it with. I ended up not finding any but when I got back to the UK I discovered an alpaca yarn in my local yarn store and set to work. The pattern calls for 300 grammes of the main colour in DK weight, so I reckon that makes it a suitable candidate for something slightly luxurious. The border colours can be done from existing stash, though 7 colours of 50g was recommended.

I haven't blocked it; it's too much bother. It's quite large and we lack large unused surfaces at the moment. It is very soft and snuggly though. I'm not big on shawls and I've no idea when I will wear it. My guess is when it turns really cold and I'm watching a Western of an afternoon! It's also probably suitable to wear as a scarf.

It was quite an easy make. The main body is made up of double treble rows and half treble rows. The border rows were much more fun, with puff stitches, shells, trellis and a lovely picot round to finish off.

The pattern is called The Sunday Shawl and is available on Etsy.



  1. oooh it's lovely. perfect for snuggling whilst watching a dvd on a wild and windy afternoon x

  2. Oh thats so pretty Juanita - I'm like you in that I really love the look of a shawl but just sure when I would use it. I even have a pattern all ready to be made - think you might have just spurred me on !
    Kate x

  3. It's gorgeous Juanita. It will be perfect for cwtching in when you want a little extra warmth. I like the colours you've used. What yarns are they? The picot edging is so pretty too. I'll be putting this shawl on my to make list.

  4. Your shawl is beautiful, Juanita. I really love the colors.