Thursday, 14 May 2015

That time has come...

Having a large gin at 11.30 in the morning would be wrong wouldn't it? I mean why?

Putting a teenager in front of a steering wheel is crazy. I need the gin, and I'm not even the one in the passenger seat...yet.

Did I tell you that I had the final hair cut that revealed the grey in all it's silver glory? It's rapidly turning white as we speak. I can just see her eyeballs roll when I trot that joke out at the next fifteen cricket matches.

We are extremely fortunate that M's previous job was driving instructor extraordinaire. Apparently he had a first time pass success rate of 96%, but as we keep sniggering, 'he didn't have Ella to teach did he?!'

She asked why I call her 'spatially challenged'. I say it's because despite advice to the contrary she cannot get the hang of NOT leaving her doc martins or converse boots in the middle of a room where someone could trip over them. Despite having three days of 'home alone' and becoming more familiar with the dishwasher she still can't seem to get the hang of putting dirty dishes IN it. Our dual section laundry basket marked LIGHT and DARK completely bamboozles her.

E was absolutely amazing as a small child at certain things. She seemed to have a photographic memory, indeed memory games were a breeze. Put thirty random household items on a tray, show her the tray, take one item away and ask which one was missing and she'd get it every time, and she was not even three. Fast forward three years and teaching her to ride a bike was another matter. If she didn't have to pedal she could steer. If she didn't have to steer she could pedal. Putting the two together however, resulted in several short journeys into the nearest ditch.

Right now, at this very minute she is behind the wheel of a car, yes, a C A R, with an engine and everything! On a real road with traffic. Terrifying! I'm home alone, drinking strong coffee (not Gin) playing loud music and periodically talking to the dogs and telling them it will be fine, just fine, and they mustn't worry.

I've taken a detour from crochet lately. I sorted out some art and craft supplies and came across some jewellery bits and bobs. I bought some titchy pliers and a small hammer and I've been having quite a lot of fun bashing eyelets and tweaking wire findings. Nothing too adventurous at this stage but with a few more leather off cuts I could get quite carried away. I've got a Sissix thingy with a tag cutting die which is handy for the backing cards. Most of the designs have met with E's approval and she's had a few 'samples' and worn them out and about so I'm encouraged to try a small craft fair somewhere at some stage. I've done some wooden and tin designs too, I thought I'd do a few 'ranges' and see what sells best.

I quite like the idea of moving my little old desk into the shepherds hut in the garden (when it's built) and working on my earrings with a warm and cosy wood fire going, bare toes on a sheepskin rug, dogs at my feet...ah yes. Paradise.


  1. I like the look of the earrings. I would never have thought of using leather to make them. Brilliant!