Sunday, 16 August 2015

A knitting stuff up...

I'd probably call it something else, but the blog title is close enough. I totally stuffed up the yarn purchasing part of this project! I think I must have been under time pressure; usually M is waiting for me in a nearby coffee place when I say I just want a quick browse in a John Lewis haberdashery department!

Anyways, it seems I purchased superchunky instead of chunky and of course the yardage is completely different, so one ball has made one mitt with not much to spare. Silly me.

On the other hand (ha!) it's actually quite a lucky mistake because I've since made up a mitt using some chunky I had to hand and although it makes a perfectly good mitt I quite like the flexibility of having a chunky pair and a superchunky pair; one is warm and one is very warm!

I've forgotten a lot of things about knitting, having crocheted for a few years now, and I'd never have assumed that using superchunky but with the same needles would have produced the same kind of fit. I know now that it does, at least with this pattern. This little mistake/experiment might not have had such a good outcome if I'd had smaller hands though. Both are a generous fit for my larger hands so if anyone is thinking of knitting up this pattern I would go down a half or a whole needle size for smaller hands. It's currently 6.5mm for the rib part and 7mm for the rest.

Now I just need to break the news to M that I really need to visit a John Lewis sometime soon!

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