Monday, 5 September 2016

crochet honeycomb hat pattern...

Shout if there's a mistake! I'm no pattern writer but I've given it a go. The beauty of this style of constructing a hat is that you can choose any yarn weight you have to hand along with these guide measurements. I like working with Aran or worsted weight which is how I made the oatmeal coloured honeycomb hat. The baby/toddler sized red hat (see previous post) was made using chunky yarn.

As a very approximate guide I use a starting chain which measures 11" or 12" for an adult hat with a turn up brim. For a child's hat I would use a chain of 7" or 8". If you increase these dimensions you get a bit more of a slouchy hat or a deeper turn up.

An adult sized hat can be made using less than 100g of Aran weight yarn. The child sized one in chunky, I have found, uses slightly over 50g.

The best way to get to grips with how this honeycomb pattern works is to make a small baby/toddler hat with a starting chain of 25 using chunky yarn and a 7mm hook. This should produce a chain of approximately 8" long.

Work through the back loop (tbl) throughout.

Ch1 and Ch2 at beginning of rows are turning chains and do not count as stitches throughout.

Row 1: ch25

Row 2: (rs) ch1. (5 sl st, 5 htr) twice. 5 sl st. Turn.

Row 3: (ws) ch1. (5 sl st, 5 htr) twice, 5 sl st. Turn.

Row 4: ch1, 10 sl st, 5 htr, 5 sl st, 5 htr. Turn

Row 5 ch2, (5 htr, 5 sl st) twice. 5 sl st. Turn.

Repeat rows 2-5 until piece measures approximately 16" at widest part. Sew seam with wrong sides together. Gather stitches at top and secure on wrong side.

For adult hat: chain 40 or 45 using Aran weight yarn and 5.5mm hook. The chain should be roughly 11" or 12" long if you want either a slouchy beanie or a beanie with a turn up brim. Adjust accordingly if you just require a well fitted beanie with no turn up! If you've made the small hat as a trial run you'll know how the pattern works, just remember to sl st five stitches at the crown of the hat which makes it taper nicely and a little easier to gather. For an adult hat you'll need to repeat the pattern until the width, at the widest part, measures approx 18-20" depending on head size. As a guide my oatmeal honeycomb hat measured 18" before sewing up and my head is roughly 22" in diameter. With the give in the yarn this is an ideal fit.


  1. WoW! I am seriously impressed with this pattern. I think I might even have the yarn to use - I need to give it a try, will make a perfect chrimbly pressie! Thanks for sharing :)

  2. looks gorgeous. makes no sense at all but.........

  3. Thank you for sharing this pattern, Juanita. I think your hat came out really well. I'll bookmark this post!

  4. yes thanks for sharing your pattern. I will give it a go:) I always need a hat! thanks again

  5. Lovely pattern Juanita! Thanks for sharing :)