Monday, 9 September 2013


The above pic shows my relatively dust free kitchen minus it's seventies serving hatch before the sledgehammer got to work...

Bang! Oh and yes we did take the wall cupboards down first! We are knocking through to what used to be the dining room. The existing kitchen is very small and just not practical for a family of four, a cat, a dog and anyone else who happens to be passing through (we are pretty generous with the sleepovers).

It's been a long time since I could choose a kitchen from scratch. As with our previous knock through and renovations, things will just happen organically, and most likely will take a lot longer than M predicts. eg. He says three months and it turns out to be three years! (the bathroom).

There will be issues of budget and buying as and when funds allow. The kids have been back at school for three days and we have already issued numerous cheques for various trips. One of these days I will take them up on the 'this cost is optional, however, if insufficient funds are raised the trip may not go ahead'.

We will certainly make do with our current half working oven until M finds the oven of his dreams. He fancies himself as a Rick Stein or Jamie Oliver. See, this is the difference between men and women. Women just get on with it, but men, or maybe just my man, faffs about for hours with hundreds of ingredients and then of course expects a fanfare and round of applause! Not that I'm complaining. Oh no, I really don't enjoy cooking. My job is to clear up and I'd rather do that than cook a meal. I will let you into a little secret though... they all think that fish fingers and waffles is all I'm capable of. Wrong! I can do fish fingers and oven chips too! No, joking apart I can actually cook. I just prefer to keep quiet about it.

We haven't actually chosen our new kitchen yet. We pretty much have all the cupboards we need so it's just a question of fitting new doors, and worktops. A new sink. A new oven. A new cooker hood. Sounds kinda expensive doesn't it? I'm hoping for a sort of urban rustic look. M doesn't know what that means so I'm going to dig out some images for him. He usually goes with my creative input!

In the meantime I have the less than glamorous job of dealing with he rubble tomorrow while M is at work. Fun.


  1. oh my. what fun! it will be great, although it probably won't be soon....... x

  2. Hi Juanita...I hope you get your dream kitchen, even if it takes a while. It will be fun to keep up with your building progress!