Thursday, 5 September 2013

eight hours of calm...

First day back at school! Hooray! Well that's not exactly what the children were saying this morning. I refrained from looking too pleased. It's easy to push the wrong buttons these days, but oh, eight hours of glorious peace and quiet!

Not only that but I have two excuses to put my feet up. A pulled thigh muscle and even better... the Hoover has blown up! You know, it takes a while to research the various options for replacement. I think I should take my time. Mind you, with a cat and a dog and two children I won't hold out too long.

I've had to give the hard floors a sweep with my fab besom broom this morning. I love it but it isn't as thorough as a Hoover.

Meanwhile... I've been doodling with wool and a crochet hook. Mindless pieces just for the hell of it. The small flowers are from a magazine. The large central motif is from the book of 200 crochet blocks, as is the star motif. The two daisy motifs in a square I made up, each is slightly different. The multi coloured strip is from an old book called 'Patchwork Crochet'. It involves doing trebles into the row below, quite simple but effective. I think I might use this pattern for wrist warmers as the overlapping stitches make up a nice thick fabric.

I think that's probably what I was hoping would happen... doodle away until a project jumped out at me, and you can never have too many wrist warmers eh?!

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