Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Off the hook... baby pom pom hat

It's like Santa's little woolly hat workshop in my craft room! Actually I need to put the record straight and call it a slither of a room. It's only six foot by twelve and it'll end up packed to the rafters but at least it's a space I can keep all my stuff together. It's impossible to leave much lying around the house with two bouncy dogs and a nervous cat. Touch wood the cat seems to be getting the hang of going outside daily now and there hasn't been an indoor sparrow lunch for over a week! Progress indeed.

The photos show that I was considering another baby sized pom pom for the little grey hat but when I held up two sizes of pom pom for the 'panel's' opinion they all preferred the larger one. I totally agree, I think it looks more Christmassy. Talking of which, it's pretty tempting to make this a trio of baby hats and do a red one with a white Pom Pom, because a girl can never have too many pom pom hats, right?

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