Monday, 21 December 2015

Finishing off...

I can thoroughly recommend a good pre-Christmas sort out. We've done some drastic sorting, chucking and rearranging this last month. I've come to the conclusion that Feng Shui makes a lot of sense. There's much more positive energy flowing now! At least my creative side is not so stifled through lack of space to get everything out and see what's what.

Paul resurfaced during the clear out and I set myself the target of trying to get him finished for Ella's birthday. I just about pulled that off but it was a lot of hard work. I utilised the best of the daylight each morning by sitting right up to a window. I don't think I will rush into another 2.5mm hook project. It took all of my dexterity and patience.

After the marathon that was finishing Paul I returned to hats. Just one more for my little niece. A soft red version with a white Pom Pom, for Christmas. In a few days time I shall find out whether any of these hats actually fit!

Ella has also gained a cheerful cushion using the sunflower squares I made a gazillion years ago. She really would have liked a blanket but I don't have the stamina for that many sunflowers. It's good to see the back of them and not by dumping them in the bin. Elf and Mr Ginger are posing in the photo, fun gifts that made her smile. She works at a brilliant children's farm near here and at this time of year she can be found dressed as a very convincing elf working alongside Santa dishing out chocolate coins as 'change' for the magic coin that Santa handed out. She then takes the children through a hidden bookcase door way and into the 'toy workshop' where they can choose a toy. For some this is all too much and Ella has handed out tissues to children and parents overcome with emotion! Not to mention she's had her photo taken with hundreds of children who totally bought into the whole elf thing, including the little boy who spied her birthday badge on Saturday and said, 'It can't really be your birthday because Elves don't have birthdays in real life!' Luckily Ella is witty enough to have answers to this kind of thing, though sometimes she admits there are different answers she'd like to say when kids ask, 'is it just one toy we can choose?'

There are also real reindeer at the farm along with all the other animals there. The kids also get to do a craft activity with Mrs Claus, decorate a gingerbread man and take it home and they receive a small bag of magic reindeer food which they must take home and sprinkle on their lawn. Ella is part of the team that make thousands of gingerbread men (hence the cuddly reminder!). Secretly she can't wait until her new cousin is old enough to experience Christmas at the farm. She will definitely have a VIP tour!

It all sounds very exhausting, especially as E is half way through a 9-5, six consecutive day stint. I'm glad I'm just left with crochet, the type I enjoy most. No deadlines, just fun and relaxation. More crochet baubles for the tree, maybe some mini Pom Pom hats too. A crochet gift pouch. Some crochet storage baskets...a glass of something by my side, a mince pie or two, cheesy Christmas many days 'til Christmas?


  1. hurray, you finished Paul!
    and I think the baby will look adorable in the Christmas hat! x

    1. I think baby E will look adorable in anything but I will be taking a few photos! x

  2. Paul looks amazing and the hat is so cute! Merry Christmas to you all x