Thursday, 10 December 2015

Mixed feelings...

Christmas is always a time for mixed feelings. Looking back and remembering happy times, remembering those not with us anymore. Exciting times with a new addition to the family, and her first Christmas. Knowing that my baby girl is turning eighteen a few days before Christmas. Looking forward to future Christmases too. A blend of happy and sad.

Apart from childhood gatherings at Christmas I've got lovely memories of several years spent as an adult but before children when my priorities were very different. I thought it was a bit of an adventure living in a stone cottage with no central heating and just my two Springers for company. One Christmas I decided to paint small white stars all over the middle room walls, over the top of the stone colour paint; with my sparse and rustic pine furniture, the ever glowing range, candle light, a real Christmas tree and pine foliage it created an atmosphere I haven't quite been able to capture since. I think the character of the cottage helped a lot too!

It's funny how smells form such a major part of those memories. I have only to cast my mind back and I can smell the coal and log fires, the smell of damp dogs by the fire, pine needles and the wax of my jacket that hung on the back door.

Well, it's no longer Algernon and Bertie. It's now Harvey and Riley, and as you can see it's still mild enough for them to have a swim in the lake every day. Riley will only paddle on the edges if it's below freezing. Harvey will swim no matter how cold, and M calls Harvey the intelligent one! They now get very excited about a warm bubbly foot bath in the butler sink of an afternoon. I'm not sure if it's just a nice feeling or whether they have worked out that it means they can come through to the living room.

There have been several last minute hats flying off the needles. Some secret crochet going on too. I was rather pleased when I found this large (approx 12mm) vintage crochet hook at a nearby antique centre. It's not what Mum and I were looking for at all but you can't help but see interesting things in amongst three huge two-storey buildings of junk, vintage, antique and collectibles! I imagine it was used for rug making. It might be just what I need to make the chunky cushion fronts I have in mind.

My home made disposable decorations haven't progressed beyond the woolly type yet. Apart from a bowl of crochet pine cones, I've made two of these crochet baubles so far and they are nestled in amongst the crocheted and knitted mini stockings on the tree. It's a clever pattern, slightly fiddly but easier after the first one. It's just six crochet disks joined together as you go and then a gathering and fastening top and bottom to create the ball shape.

So, if you're ultra organised, the decorations are up, all the Christmas food and present shopping is done, the house all ready, the cards all posted, and you've nothing better to do than sit and watch back to back Christmas movies with a bowl of nuts and a glass of wine (I wish!) then here's the link...

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  1. no. no chance of me having time for impossibly difficult crochet. we have no food, not enough presents and not a single card posted..........