Sunday, 13 March 2016

Off the hook...polar bear

Let's be honest here, the polar bear is clearly a runt of the litter! They've all been made on a 3mm hook but the Polar Bear has turned out a tad smaller. He's a lovely size to sit in the palm of my quite large hands though and I like the addition of a beer belly in this design.

I'm curious to know whether the Drops Design off white yarn would make a less visible decrease row than this random super wash wool I had in my stash. It really doesn't matter that much as this little guy is destined to hang around with Rabbit and Sheep. There was a pattern for a little crochet fish for the Polar Bear but Rabbit and Sheep are protesting loudly about the potential fishy smell. I may just have to convince them it's all just a load of old yarn!

I've made a start on the Hedgehog. It looks like he might turn out a similar size to Sheep because he has additional spikes on his back, made a similar way to Sheep's coat. I really thought I'd be bored by now but starting an animal with my new Drops yarn has provided new motivation.