Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Woolly goings on...

This year's Mother's Day went by in a blur of cricket training. Before J left at the crack of dawn for his he stood smiling by the side of my bed while I attempted to wake up enough for card and present opening. Later it was my turn to taxi E to her training session with another card and presents beforehand. It was nice to see my Mother on Mother's Day too. E, myself and Mum managed to squeeze a coffee and chat in the kitchen while constructing a mixed media shoe box diorama of a sea scene. As you do.

At some stage during this weekend of sport and taxiing I must have managed a spot of crochet. Oh man those loopy sheep things are dull after a while! I think perhaps the friction on my natural off white yarn was such that it made it more challenging. Hence I started making a simple charcoal ribbed crochet beanie whilst having breaks from the loopy madness. Yes I know I made a billion hats at Christmas but I clearly didn't make a charcoal ribbed one for myself and that's what I wanted. It was done and dusted in two sittings. Chunky yarn, a size 6mm hook and back to back Stella (the programme not the beer!)

Off the hook pics to follow very soon.


  1. well the sheepie looks very cute !
    my mother's day was getting one teenager ready to take to theatre at crack of dawn, even though he wasn't home final show till nearly midnight, and then spending afternoon with other teenager supervising a craft afternoon for a load of guides...... x no where during this did I manage any crafting, but I did drink lots of tea x

  2. I wish I were as productive as you are Juanita. Your lamb looks so sweet and everyone needs a charcoal hat x