Tuesday, 6 November 2012

14 weeks old...

We have a new baby in the house! She's a gorgeous peachy colour and sleeps all day. Yet to be named; suggestions welcome!

I finally succumbed to the hamster thing. I figured at nearly fifteen years of age *E* could manage the responsibility. We look at them every time we go to the pet shop for cat and dog food and last night we spotted this gorgeous little thing who was wide awake and doing Spiderman impressions on the roof of her cage.

She's an absolute character with no fear whatsoever. She thinks nothing of climbing on top of her wheel and then spinning off. She needs a name to suit her daredevil nature!

I must admit the cat is a worry, especially as she is a brilliant mouser. The hamster cage seems pretty secure and the bedroom door will always be firmly shut. Will I still worry? Yes. Dead animals and me just don't get on, dead headless animals require a husband or father with a good stomach.

When shall I break the news to my Mother that we'll be arriving for Christmas with a cat, a dog and a hamster?


  1. You will love her! We have had three hamsters - all gorgeous. They have been a real part of our family! Our cat has learnt that they are not for her, though I wouldn't trust her for a moment if we were not around, but a stern 'No...' and then removing her elsewhere seems to work. How lovely for you. My children are desperate for another one but life is too chaotic just at the moment to have one.

    1. Thank you for such encouraging comments! Much needed as MrH is still sulking about it and predicting that the novelty will wear off. I do hate it when children get charged with crimes before they are committed! I never buy an animal if I'm not prepared to look after it myself. She is a real cutie. I hope to take some better pictures later tonight when she wakes up! J :-)

  2. I had hamsters when I was little, they are too cute, if a little noisy at night!

  3. Well I think your name is in your blog post....what about 'Peaches'for her name. I have never been too sure about little squirmy animals. I remember mice were very popular pets when I was young but my Mum was always against it. I think five children and a dog was enough for her to handle!