Friday, 7 December 2012

cosy presents...

I've finally made something I am confident enough to give as a present! It feels like the last five years have been somewhat experimental rather than productive. I spent the first three years knitting and now I'm happy to have finally learnt how to crochet; I knew straightaway there would be potential for gifts with crochet. Knitting seems to take longer and be less forgiving.

I road tested this snood pattern first and when it got cold and I started wearing it a lot I decided to make two more for the women in my family. *E* strangely enough doesn't want one, not even in black. I'm glad she told me, that saved a lot of work!

The oatmeal one is for someone who keeps saying how lovely and warm my snood looks. Yes indeed I wanted to say, so will yours be!


  1. These look very cosy Juanita! I thought a snood was a little bag that goes over a bun..a hair bun. Are those cowls that you have knitted?

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    2. My crazy predictive text made lots of strange mistakes so I deleted my previous reply! It didn't help that I typed without reading glasses either! I agree with you, these are definitely cowls! The book called them snoods, but generally they refer to the items that go over your head don't they? These are definitely good for keeping your neck warm! J :-)