Sunday, 9 December 2012

you raise me up...

Woohoo!!! I'm over the moon! I learnt something new! I'm probably a little late in discovering raised stitches having strictly avoided all patterns that require them... so far.

Learning this new stitch came about accidentally though; I started a beanie for a male relative and got about seven rounds in when the pattern called for 'rtrb' and 'rtrf'. Uh oh! A quick search on YouTube and I was none the wiser but was beginning to realise that raised stitches were also known as 'round the post front and back' which had more search results.

I don't find it easy to follow YouTube tutorials especially without subtitles but it worked out on this occasion. A determination to produce this rather cool beanie helped!

The pattern is from Inside Crochet magazine (issue 35, November). It's called 'Echo Hat'. I chose a charcoal grey but it would work just as well for women in another colour.

The yarn required is aran weight on a 5mm hook and it takes just 24 rounds to complete. You do need to concentrate though. I unravelled half a round at one point because I was paying too much attention to yet another Christmas movie!

Now the only problem I have is wrestling it from *J* who modelled it for five minutes and doesn't want to give it back!


  1. Oh I like the raised stitch and the bold effect it has on the design...not that I would have any clue how to knit it! Lovely hat.

    1. Thanks Carol! I like the fact that it doesn't look too much like crochet, which is sometimes a good thing when it is a gift for a man! Now I have just one more gift for another man, but he doesn't like beanies, so thinking cap on...