Monday, 10 December 2012

making a start...

Five presents wrapped and quite a few to go! I can't show you the unwrapped pile for obvious reasons. This is going to be an all day job at the speed I'm going!

I really wanted pine cones instead of bells this year but the few pine cones we did collect are looking rather nice in a big Christmas bowl on the dining room table.

The huge roll of real bakers twine works out much better value at £10 for 300 metres than the £1 a metre red and white string you see everywhere at this time of year.

Despite my best efforts my wrapping never comes anywhere near Lili's standard. It must be twelve or thirteen Christmases we have spent with Lili (how has she put up with my brother for that long?) and every year, without fail, her gift wrapping has had the WOW factor!

Oops, the dog has taken a liking to the bells! 'The cat put it there!'

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