Sunday, 22 December 2013

It's birthday month...

Happy 16th Birthday E!

It seems like yesterday that I took her home from hospital, eyes wide open all the time, watching, listening...and at two the constant stream of babble, none of it resembling English. Fast forward to sixteen and living up to every stereotype of teenagers, but talented, funny and most of all 'ironic'.

That's the favourite word amongst E and her bunch of male and female friends. Ironic. I swear I didn't even know what that meant at her age. I blame the lack of Internet! She absolutely hates One Direction with a passion so being 'ironic' meant her friends bought her a 1D gift pack including the badge you see here in the photo. There were ironic cards too, like the golf one (she plays cricket). At least the ironic pizzas went down well at the 'gathering' we managed to survive last night. Six teenagers who all seem rather tall for their age.

...and next week we celebrate a lovely twelve year old boy turning into a monstrous teenager, thirteen. Oh help.

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