Tuesday, 31 December 2013

From pallet to pressies...

Now that Christmas is over I can show you a couple of fun things M made for extra gifts. The log crate was dreamt up after spending many trying to track down a vintage log basket for my parents. I did plan a log filled pic next to their fireplace but you know, Christmas got in the way.

We had planned to put a food hamper together for my brother and his wife, using only Lincolnshire products and so a personalised crate seemed the ideal container.

Apologies for this dark photo. It was snapped on the morning we were loading up the caravan with everything; clothes, presents, pets...

The photos don't show the rope handles very well but they were a nice touch and strong too. As luck would have it we already had the large letter stencil that I used to do the lettering.

The children wanted in on the crate action but I will have to show you their 'pieces' once I've managed to photograph them. Oh and for Downton Abbey fans, you will appreciate the item that M made for me out of reclaimed timber, also awaiting photography!

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