Friday, 9 May 2014

Black clouds looming...

I've got that Friday feeling today. I was up at the crack of dawn trying to find the coloured Sharpies for Ella. It's her last day of scheduled lessons before her exams start. Naturally this involves everyone signing your school shirt, hence the Sharpies.

I pondered my long walking route whilst having my first cup of tea of the day and then I noticed the huge black clouds outside. I decided to have a day off. I've been here, there and everywhere this week. I've watched quite a few cricket matches. I've travelled several hundred miles. I'm exhausted and a look in the mirror confirmed it. I decided to have a one woman spa day and put a face pack on. The dogs were not impressed. Riley cowered away from me. Wimp.

Actually that was the extent of my spa day. I couldn't laze around in my fluffy white bathrobe, I'd much rather be doing something, so I thought I'd try and master the jelly band loom thing I bought for Ella but knew I'd be the one having to work it out!

I spotted this thing in Poundworld whilst buying gallons of cheap shampoo for Riley (the citrus ones seem to work best on fox poo). The loom was a pound and extra bags of bands were a pound (reminds me of that fabulous Catherine Tate sketch when her grandson takes her into a pound shop and she keeps asking, 'how much is this then?'). It wasn't until I started browsing the youtube videos that I realised it was a cheap copy of a much sturdier made toy. These rubber band things have totally passed us by now that we don't frequent toy shops anymore.

I started with the ring which was categorised as easy and for beginners. It was very easy. I moved onto the twist bracelet which was also quite easy. I then got brave and followed a tutorial for a minecraft creeper bracelet which, according to the negative comments looks nothing like a creeper. This didn't bother me as I wouldn't know a minecraft creeper if it bit me on the bum.

There are quite a few more designs on the Internet, a lot of which require certain colours or lots of one colour. I'm not sure how much more advanced I will get. I was going to give a set to an eight year old that I know but having had a go myself I reckon she would struggle. Probably best we just have sessions of making them so I can help.

The weather isn't looking at all good for tonight's cricket match. Yesterday's was cancelled (it rained all day yesterday). Jake will be going stir crazy. At least he will have indoor training to fall back on. My own cricket training has already been cancelled. I will just have to have lessons from Jake!

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  1. Sounds like you needed that chilling day today. My niece was making these bracelet the other day, I couldn't get over how quickly she was making them. So simple, but so clever.
    Have a good weekend,
    Kate x