Sunday, 4 May 2014

Fresh air and exercise...

It's been a lovely sunny day today. Much warmer than yesterday when we packed our folding chairs and picnic for a cricket match. I tried sitting out with my thick jumper and windproof coat but it was just too chilly for me and I retreated to the warmth of the car and warmed up with a mug of tea.

This morning I set off nice and early with the dogs. My route is getting longer and longer. I wore a pair of Jake's old trainers today instead of my walking shoes and they were much lighter. I've been giving footwear some thought with a longer trek in mind.

The rape is very tall now and extremely pungent. Harvey is nowhere to be seen in these photo's because he knows where he's going and he's usually two fields ahead. He comes back every now and then. Riley looks out for me and tells me when there are other people or dogs. Today we didn't come across anyone and it felt a bit like having my own private estate.

I saw one of these today. An Orange-tip, the centre was a vivid blue colour. I'm sure they are common British butterflies but I can't recall having seen one before. I must dig out a reference book, there were quite a few butterflies on my walk.

Meanwhile E and a friend bought bus day tickets and went to the coast. It's only 40 miles but by bus it took two hours! When you are 16 that's all part of the fun I guess. They walked along the beach, had 99's, bought some bubbles, played on the penny machines, did a bit of shopping, had chips and caught the bus home. Sounds very similar to the days out I used to have at her age, except we used to cycle down to the seafront.


  1. sounds like a lovely day !

  2. I saw an orange tip butterfly today. First one this year. I think they are really pretty.

  3. Lovely ! You can't beat an early morning dog walk.I've just finished reading.. not quite sure what I thought about it to be honest. Are you enjoying it ?
    Kate x

  4. I love that butterfly and that is a very good photo of it!
    What seaside town did they visit? This makes me want to visit Eastbourne! That is where my in-laws live!