Thursday, 29 May 2014


In place of a foreign holiday (cricket commitments take up all of our summer) I suggested we tried something new during half term. Having decided that the climbing wall was too high and bowling wasn't something new, and the cinema is no good for me without subtitles... the kids ended up donning wet suits and trying indoor surfing.

The session lasts an hour and includes a good looking surf instructor. M and I sat on stools and watched and laughed so much it hurt. The look on their faces was priceless. Most of the photos came out blurred due to the constant movement and dodgy light levels. They both progressed to sitting up on the board, J for slightly longer than E.

After a light lunch J was keen to have a go inside a big floating beach ball. He's been on these before, but I haven't spectated before and it was very funny. E's hamsters sprung to mind.

Last but not least I agreed to accompany J on a fairground ride. It was pretty bad. I enjoyed it at first but my lunch threatened to leave my body and I was glad to get off. M was so worried for us that he forgot to film it on his iPhone for us. He managed to gather his nerves when we were winding down. The photo shows us almost flat again. This ride was vertical at one stage and each car went round very fast too. Blurgh!

I'm not normally a fairground sort of person. M hates them. Since E taught us the expression YOLO I've tried to live up to it! A bit. Funnily enough she didn't want to have a go!

E's twenty twenty cricket tournament is cancelled tomorrow which is a shame. It has rained solidly for three days and three nights so it isn't surprising. I'm planning a nice long dog walk, much safer than vertical fairground rides!


  1. I feel like "YOLO" usually precedes something catastrophic, haha. I love this! The surfing simulation looks really fun. I hope the rain lets up soon.

  2. nothing on earth would make me go on that ride...........