Wednesday, 18 June 2014


It's ironic that I crave silence but I do. It's been weeks since I had a morning, let alone a day, of quiet. Just me, the dogs, a mug of Rooibos tea, a book, wool, a crochet hook.

I switched off this morning while J was at the Lincolnshire Show, E was with a friend sleeping in after a sleepover, M was in Birmingham. I don't need real sound. My brain fills in what might be audible, much like phantom pain or feeling in a missing limb I imagine. As soon as I step out into the deck my brain fills with imaginary bird sound, the sound of a tractor ploughing, the odd car perhaps, none of which I can actually hear. Most pleasant though is the absence of conversation. 24/7 it is a tiring activity, especially when it's mostly one way :-) ie. he talks but he doesn't listen, not often anyway.

I need quiet time to just think. The last few weeks or is it months? have been a complete blur of travel and cricket matches. I promise myself some thinking time when I go to bed but by then I'm too tired for coherent thought.

So this morning I had my think and in amongst the more serious thoughts was crochet. How can I cram it in when I'm enjoying my books so much? It seems to be all or nothing, all crochet or all reading. I dug out this little textured left over ball and a hook and started making up a simple motif. When I've arrived at a motif I like and can remember I'm going to use up all my DK leftovers. Nothing taxing, just something to ease me back into it.


  1. I so need my quiet time! It's wonderful that you had a day to yourself. I find it hard to stick with one thing for long, too. Just read when you want and crochet when you want. The hooks and the books will be there waiting for you!

  2. thinking requires a certain type of quiet I find.