Monday, 9 June 2014


As I write this blog post, with one hand, I have a shivering wreck of a dog on my lap. Why? There's an almighty downpour which is making a racket on the conservatory roof. Actually it's the mother of all downpours but really, he shouldn't be so nervous, it's rained on the roof before. He's got one paw either side of my lap and is clinging on for dear life. Have you ever heard of such a wimp? Yep, Riley.

There have been a few brief opportunities to pop into charity shops lately. A quick half an hour and I came home with a Mason & Cash mixing bowl (been wanting one of these for a while but they are usually a tenner, mine was £3.50). A pot for utensils, we can never have too many 'cause M likes to have all the tools of the trade! The cute little cheese board and good as new cheese knife cost just £2. I applied a bit of walnut oil to bring it back to life.

I've also got a pile of books (of course!) and some colourful shorts for E; how great are the crochet waistband and ties? I didn't do badly for half an hour and I had change from a tenner.


  1. That's pretty good shopping I'd say !
    Kate x

  2. Great finds! I've never seen shorts like that before, pretty cool. I hope Riley has recovered by now. :)