Thursday, 5 June 2014

It wasn't me!

Riley is a rubbish liar. When he's stolen something this is what he does. Tries to hide his face! Meanwhile, 'Angel-boy' sleeps peacefully and innocently. You've got to wonder who really is to blame?

I guess the ultimate clue is in who pukes first? Half a tube of IKEA chocolate disks says one of them will!

My money is on Riley. Harvey has never been a thief and Riley's first week with us involved me emptying his basket of various items, Nutella, a packet of bagels, squirty golden syrup, oats, rice cakes... none of which he chewed or ate. Strange dog.

It's raining cats and dogs here. Ha! Greedy cats and thieving dogs! No really, it's been several days of torrential rain with short breaks in between downpours. It's a miracle that we managed to play a County cricket match this week, though the pitch wasn't in good condition due to the rain.

Today I'm about to pack up yet another picnic for yet another cricket match. The weather forecast isn't too bad but I'm packing thick hoodies and rain coats just in case.

I've barely done any or blogged about crochet for what seems like a long time. The desire to crochet is creeping up on me again. The rain might be responsible for this! I'm looking for inspiration and I'm also mentally trotting up what needs to be finished first, preferably of the portable type so I can while away the hour and a half at the beginning of matches while the team do drills and warm up.

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