Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Restoring the balance...

Mid afternoon oatcakes

An almost snowy walk

Baking cookies

Old film crochet spotting

Mondays are my day to unwind from now on. I'm hoping there won't be too many Mondays with kids off sick, or husbands for that matter. Mondays are now mine, all mine!

I have a new found appreciation for the little things that fell by the wayside when I decided to help set up and work for a new charity shop. I haven't baked for months. The dog walks were down to a brisk one hour route just before dark. Old films were piling up on the hard drive. Crochet sitting around in baskets. Yes I know, crochet neglect!

I'm shuffling my shifts so that I have a more useful amount of time at home each day. Restoring the balance.

I watched Away All Boats recently. The opening scenes included the above, a mother with a boy wrapped in a gorgeous crochet blanket (tricky to see on the still) but unfortunately the crochet spotting went downhill from there; it was all at sea! It was rather long winded but I did manage to get to the end. I was hoping it would give me an insight into what life was like for my Grandfather on the HMS Duke of York, but alas it was far far removed from that. I'll have to watch a British film for a better idea.

The cookie recipe is on the BBC Good Food website and they're called Millie's Cookies. I slightly over cooked them but Jake didn't seem to mind. He appreciates my baking efforts when he comes in from school. The choc chip supplies have been replenished so I'll just have to try another batch.


  1. there should always be time for cookie baking xxx

  2. Put the kettle on I am joining you on the sofa for a good film and some delicious cookies.........

  3. Your cookies look delicious.