Saturday, 24 January 2015


I've been procrastinating. I've been reading blogs about de cluttering, minimising, simplifying... but that's as far as I've actually got this new year. It's time to turn off the iPad and actually tackle the wardrobe!

I'm probably late to the party as usual but I came across Project 333 and thought I might give it a try. 33 items from your wardrobe for three months. The rest can be packed away or given away, depending on how brave you are. The 33 includes footwear but not underwear. The rules are there to broken accordingly.

Note that this wardrobe exercise is simply to divert attention from the tricky start I had to de cluttering the kitchen. I woke in a cold sweat one night realising that we had no fewer than 5 teapots! I've managed to part with one. The rest have 'issues' that make it much more difficult to get rid of them. One was a wedding present, one was a birthday gift, one has a filter for loose leaf tea, one is a gorgeous two cup vintage pot with matching cups for heavens sake... Where do I start? The last time I used a pot at all was the latter mentioned vintage one and that was only for myself in the back garden last summer.

So, clothes it is this weekend. A capsule wardrobe in 33 items. I must confess I had a laugh at the many mentions of bags. Those who know me know I hate handbags. I used to get away with big pockets but these days it just isn't cool or practical. It's popular amongst project 333 participants to retain a large shopping tote, a handbag and a clutch. I've never used or owned a clutch in my entire life. So for clutch read 'knitting bag'. Yep that's that one sorted.

I fear the majority of the 33 items will be related to dog walking attire. Do my muddy gaiters count as one item? What about the fact that I alternate between walking shoes because one pair is usually drying out from the day before? Yep that's two more items then.

I'll let you know how I get on.


  1. I'm sure in 333 sport wear doesn't count, so I'm sure all dog walking wear can count as that, especially the shoes.
    I'm with you on clutch bags. WHY? small rucksac more like.
    as for the teapots. well for a start you should pick the one you like best and use it EVERYTIME you have tea. it just takes better and makes tea the ritual it deserves to be, not just a drink. the rest of them, get rid, even the gifts, the pleasure of gifting is for both the giver and the gifted, you had the joy of it, take a picture of the one that was a wedding present if it makes you feel better and then move them on.

    1. You are right, I checked, it doesn't count. So that's an extra pair of jeans I've gained! Clutch bags have gone from Project 333 to Room 101 and the teapot is going to become a new daily ritual! How civilised! X

  2. I agree that the dog walking items are like workout clothes. You're not likely to be wearing them to go shopping or out with your friends. It's a really interesting concept and I'd love to know how you get on with it.

    1. That's very true! If I wore my dog walking clothes round Tesco's I'd leave a trail of mud behind me! The challenge wasn't as bad as I thought, an update is in the making...