Monday, 5 January 2015

wool, winter and wandering...

If this first rug looks like I just raided my super chunky stash, it's because that's what I did. There's no colour coordination going on at all. That's ok though, the odds and ends weren't much good for anything else and the rug is going somewhere discrete... I'm going to pop it down beside our bed in the caravan. We rolled up all the carpet in the caravan because the Lino was more dog friendly, but it's cold underfoot and the rug can go down when they are clean and/or confined to their end of the caravan.

This technique, using this wool, makes a very thick rug. I've got an off-cut of thick calico for the backing just for peace of mind, though I imagine you can just sew the edges under and leave it. I'll have to read up on that.

In between shifts at the charity shop and a spot of rug hooking I've been tramping for miles over frozen fields. Every now and then Riley completely loses his sense of direction and heads off the wrong way. He did this today and the last time I'd seen him was ten feet down a muddy bank drinking from a fast flowing stream. I yelled a few times and sent Harvey to investigate and when that didn't work I set off at a very brisk pace worrying that he'd slipped in and drowned! Thankfully not, he was jogging along in the homeward direction despite the fact that we mostly take the same route these days. Daft dog. I think he was as pleased to see Harvey and I as we were to see him.

After work it's always tempting to make a mug of tea and put my feet up in front of a soppy afternoon movie but I'm always glad I dragged myself out. There's something very heartwarming about watching two Springers bounce along loving every minute.


  1. That sounds like a wonderful walk. Although Jessie Dog is still with us she's not up to walking much past the back gate - I do miss watching her bound around! Love your rug - looking forward to seeing it finished x Jane

  2. Your rug looks as though its coming along a treat, can't wait for the end ta-dah. Loving the happy dog photo.
    Happy New Year Juanita,
    Kate xx

  3. I like your rug very much. Frosty walks are lovely and Riley and Harvey look very happy.