Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Back to the drawing board...

It's back to the drawing board with this little crochet waistcoat. I'm not sure that Snuggly DK actually lives up to it's name. It feels soft and squishy on the ball but made up it feels more like a cool cotton bamboo mix, which happens to be fine in this case because the baby will be born in summer.

The buttons are all wrong and I'm going to take them off. I used fairly large buttons so that they would work with the treble stitches but there are only a limited number of treble rows which meant they would have had to be very close together or very far apart. I can see why they designed it with a tie fastening, which is what I will do to rescue this little garment. It's the most unexciting thing. I will be trying out the simple tank top in the same booklet and hope that comes out a bit better.

So I'm pleased that the baby blanket is coming along nicely at least. No pattern this time, I'm using a baby blanket stitch which looks gorgeous in the softest shade of grey. I've chosen a baby aran which is also very soft. I'm planning on a solid block of colour for the main part and then a border using a contrast colour. So much better not having to follow a pattern. Pics coming soon.

I have Mondays and Tuesdays off work and despite spending a portion of the day catching up on housework I am having a ball. In fact, the dogs and I are having a ball. I walk miles and miles and bring them back totally wet and laden with mud. They each have a foot/leg bath standing in the butler sink. Harvey gets wrapped in a warm towel because he shivers after a swim in a freezing lake (I can't really keep him out). Riley, although thinner and with less of a fur coat, doesn't seem to feel the cold so badly and doesn't like being wrapped up either.

After all that activity it's time for either a cheesy British film or a soppy American film. It can be the other way round but there always seems to be tissues involved with the latter. This is when I choose a mundane crochet stitch that requires no concentration, and lately this is the time I make a pot of tea and pop some corn.


  1. That is the cutest waistcoat I have ever seen - so sweet ! Lovely post,
    Kate x

  2. I am somewhat addicted to popcorn.........

  3. The waistcoat is very sweet. Watching a film in the afternoon is great. I should do it more often and make popcorn. Why have I never thought of that?