Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Snow and flu...

I'm three days into a horrible flu-like cold thing. Barely a voice left, hot and cold sweats. A head that feels like it's done twenty rounds with a heavy weight boxer. Aches and pains. (The pain is not being able to do as much as I usually do.) Rather frustrating.

Not only that but we had a proper amount of snow fall last night and I've never seen Riley in proper snow. I have to be content with letting the dogs out in the back garden and watching from the window. Not quite the same.

I have set myself up on the sofa with crochet and tea very near by. Why is it when we have these bouts of illness we also have no concentration span? I could quite happily be forced to sit still for a few days if it meant I got a lot of crochet done. Instead I'm experimenting with cables, starting a granny square blanket, wondering what to do with my cable stitch samples...

Oh and in amongst that lot I managed to crochet a seat cover for Jake's swivel chair. It's his pride and joy and when he wore the seat fabric right through he wanted to buy a new one with his savings. I managed to persuade him to let me patch it up with crochet. To his credit he was very trusting, there can't be many 14 year old boys who'd let their Mum loose with a crochet seat cover! I just happened to have hard wearing aran weight wool in grey and black, though how much homework, spin, homework, spin, it can cope with remains to be seen. What is it with boys and wheels?

So, those pesky cables. I decided to see what the post stitch cables were like. I thought it wasn't much of a leap from post stitches to crossed post stitches... wrong! I was obviously feeling ridiculously confident when I started the zipped cowl thing from the latest Inside Crochet. I managed the first complicated row of 3rdtrfleft/right then it went on to 6rdtrfcrossed and then it all went pear shaped. So I looked up a few video how to's and when that failed I looked up a simpler cable design. Hence the nut brown sample piece. I've followed the pattern to the letter and the stitch count tallies but it seems rather wonky, but hey, it's a cable!

After that excitement and hard work it's time for a rest...more tea and a Western!


  1. I hope you feel better soon, Juanita. Stay warm.

  2. Oh Juanita I'm not surprised you've go t a headache trying to read that pattern - perhaps a few gentle rows of single crochet might do the trick! Hope that horrible nasty fluey thing leaves you soon and you can get back out there with Riley x Jane P.S. the chair cover is quite genius!

  3. Juanita I hope you'll be well soon. Such a shame to miss Riley's first snowy outing. The cable looks good and I love the cover you've made for Jake's chair, it looks great.

  4. Hope you feel better soon Juanita, Kate xx

  5. the chair cover is indeed genius. now drink more tea and get well soon x

  6. Tea drinking and rest sounds like a great tonic :)

    Love the chair cover.