Saturday, 14 February 2015

Pssst! happy valentines day!

After one or two awkward Valentines Days, way back then, I managed to gently let M know that actually, I don't really rate the whole flowers and chocolate thing. For a start flowers only last a week at best and then decay into a soggy mess, I'd rather have a house plant that I can kill slowly over a period of time ;-)

We established that he likes making things out of wood just as much as I like receiving them. On seeing M's efforts this year Ella declared that it was a good job we found each other because no-one else would want to exchange the things we do. Simple, natural, handmade. Why spend silly money when handmade floats your boat?

I was over the moon with this year's woodwork project but will photograph that at a later date when it is completely finished (it needs a component that M hasn't been able to locate).

Meanwhile, it's always woolly items from me to him. I left things rather late this year and have just rustled up this manly chunky neck warmer cowl thing in two hours flat including finding and sewing on the buttons. It was lucky M had a job in Leeds this morning. Phew.

I based the dimensions on his shirt collar size (hope that works out!) and made it nice and deep so it could have a turnover bit. It's all in trebles so there was no need for button holes. It buttons up through two layers with no problems at all. I used two strands of chunky wool held together to get the tweedy effect; charcoal grey and oatmeal. I tried it on just to make sure it functioned properly and I will definitely be making one for myself! (Perfect for dog walking!)


  1. Lucky M - the colour is gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing the mystery wooden object x Jane

  2. I love it! I'm sure he loves it too. It looks nice and warm. Sometimes I get flowers, but I usually get more useful things. This year, a set of crochet hooks in the tiny sizes I didn't already have!

  3. It looks really cosy. What did he make for you?