Sunday, 22 March 2015

Cute crochet...

I can't tell you how long it took to get round to making that cupcake cherry! I had some kind of mental block and thought my hands couldn't possibly make something that small and fiddly. As it turns out they can't really but I managed to get a squishy passable cherry nonetheless. A 2mm hook and something like embroidery floss, argh. I wouldn't want to make too many.

E's friend spotted the cupcakes lying in a dish many months ago and was quite taken with them. She messaged E and asked if I was making them for a craft fair, and if so, could she reserve a pink one! I wasn't making them for a craft fair but flattery will get you a pink cupcake at least!

They are both working at the children's farm near here today. I dropped E off at work and on the driveway through couldn't help but go all mushy over the teeny tiny lambs. Some of them looked only a day or two old.

The little bear pot cosy is another of my prototypes. It isn't a good fit for this plant pot but I moulded it to an empty one that needs a plant. I also ran out of the random brown yarn I found in my 'wool for felting' box and have no idea what it is or where I bought it from. It felts well whatever it is. If I'd had more I would have made it a lot deeper. He might work better as just a bowl rather than a plant pot cosy.

E has always loved planting things. I've got many photo's of her pottering around in little Wellies with brightly coloured watering cans. She was never afraid of worms, in fact she used to hold them up and kiss them. Ugh, gross. She doesn't kiss worms anymore but she still loves growing plants. In addition to her window sill full of succulents and cacti she now has a window sill full of little seedling trays with tomatoes, sunflowers and basil. I'm under strict instructions to dig the seed trays out of the shed while she's at work so she can plant up the marigolds and other flowers. I suggested a little roadside plant stall for all the excess but she said she couldn't possibly part with any plants she'd grown, no 'raised' from seed!