Monday, 16 March 2015

Felted bowls and new plants...

I had an urge to make a felted bowl with a motif in the bottom, as you do. The colours in my 'wool for felting' box were not very inspiring. In fact these photographs make the body colour look grey when in fact it is a minky brown.

I clearly didn't pay too much attention to the neatness of the star before I felted it and so I'm calling this bowl 'prototype one'. The brown has felted so much better than the yellow and yet I remember the yellow was actually sold as 'wool for felting'. Maybe another wash would do the trick. I'm quite happy with it the way it is for a prototype though. Next time I will tidy up the star before turning it into a circle.

I made two tiny felted bowls a while ago (I don't think I blogged about them) and they sit on my bedside table containing various bits and bobs. At first I didn't think bowls made of felt would be useful or durable at all, but of course they are. In fact E has requested felted pot covers for as many of her succulent collection as I feel like making. She has a whole window sill of them.

Talking of which. It pained E to hand over a large Echeveria in a gorgeous square planter for Mother's Day. I had dropped hints about preferring plants to flowers and I think they enjoyed choosing one each. J chose an orange tree! It has at least a dozen little oranges on it and gorgeous smelling orange blossom. I'm terrified I won't be able to keep it alive. It's on the warmest window sill for now but I don't think a woolly pot cover would go amiss!


  1. The bowl is lovely Juanita. Is it your own pattern? The plants look great. E and J chose well. My mum had an orange tree for years. It was gorgeous and I was sorry when it died. I hope your tree will last a good, long time.