Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Simple natural handmade wrist warmers...

It's nice when a plan comes together and something useful is made. I picked up this khaki green yarn in a charity shop in Skipton recently (£1 for two skeins). I could tell it was 100% wool. It's one of E's favourite colours but I knew she'd have trouble wearing wool next to her skin. She has the most amazing soft skin, honestly, she won't thank me for saying this but even her elbows are as soft as a baby's bum. Along with this incredible softness comes sensitivity. Whilst I can wear even coarse wool next to my skin without irritation she most definitely can't.

It was biting cold the day I bought the yarn and E came home from school with blue hands. We decided wrist warmers would be the perfect use for the yarn. You probably can't tell from the photographs but she also has very slim wrists and small hands (with paint on when I snapped these) so tailor made wrist warmers obviously fit much better than standard bought ones. E chose the length she wanted.

I made them up with a simple htr stitch and lined them with a piece of the softest (shrunken) cashmere jumper. You can see the lining on her arms but for the rest I stitched it very close to the wool but just out of sight. I really should have done proper thumbs too but she says she's happy with them like this. With both the wool and the felted jumper they are nice and thick and warm. Job done. Just in time for more spring like weather! I'm sure the cold isn't done with us yet!


  1. They look good and lining them with a part of a shrunken cashmere sweater is a great idea.