Friday, 3 April 2015

And then there were two...

Bingo! A little tweak here and there and I've got the hat I wanted. Something with a tiny bit of slouch, something 'holey' (it's lacy really but that sounds too girly!), and something in chunky oatmeal. I've also got rid of the feminine wavy edge by winging it with 'fill in' trebles and htr's. The overall result is much more me now.

Hat number one is in DK as per the pattern instructions (pattern link in last post). I think at some stage I will add a few more rows to this one and finish it off with a straight edge again. I know I won't wear it much as it is. Adapting the pattern for chunky yarn was easy. I just did the increase rows until the skull part was the same diameter as the DK version and then did a reduced number of shell and fptr pairs.

News that I am growing out my brown hair dye has met with mixed reactions. Two said I was brave. One said, go for it. One said she wasn't sure and one, bless her, said she thought it would really suit me and why should anyone ever have to explain the choice anyway. Girl power!

One thing I've learnt is that of four women I know who are all in their forties, I seem to be the only one who has white hair. Of the four, two are brown haired with barely any grey and two are fair with barely any grey showing. Only one of them has dyed her hair since the first grey appeared. I've talked about family genetics with two of them and it does seem to be something that's handed down. Take M for instance, he's ten years older than me with a full head of hair but I reckon I will end up with more grey/white hair than him. His Dad was in his seventies with not that much grey at all.

Our family Easter weekend has kicked off with a four day session of sawdust and power tools. At the end of day one we have a floor to ceiling kitchen cupboard. Hopefully at the end of day four we will have three of those with doors. I'm not holding my breath.


  1. Love a bit of DIY - but not the mess that goes with it ! Have a lovely Easter weekend Juanita, Kate xx

  2. Love the hat. The lady who said why should you explain what you do with your hair is so right.