Sunday, 19 April 2015


This is our kitchen island. It's also the provider of much needed fun and laughter. We've been squeezing in the odd game before meals and waking up to full scale 'best of 11' competitions. It starts off as best of three, then five, then seven, and the more I beat Jake the more he adds to the 'best of...' I think I have new found respect round here. I may be 'old' in their eyes and need reading glasses but I play a mean game of table tennis.

I spotted this mini desktop set in Urban Outfitters of all places. The bats look impossible to play with because they are very small with but it's surprising how quickly you get used to them. We always said we'd adapt the island for this purpose when the kitchen was done and although the kitchen is far from 'done' this addition has proved hugely successful.

I love that we've used worktop materials that aren't so precious that we can't drill two holes in them. I love that this £3 set in the sale gets the kids off their iPads and Xbox for a little while. I love the way anyone, young or old, collapses into fits of giggles when a long rally is finally scuppered. I love the way Harvey rushes to the ball when it reaches the floor and with all the commotion looks up and says 'just sniffing, just sniffing!' I love the way Riley puts his paws up on the island as if to ask, 'what is all the fuss about?' I love the way a game of ping pong with two playing and two spectating seems to melt away the troubles.

(The set came with two suction pads for the net if anyone fancies getting hold of a set and has the non drilling two holes in your worktop type of kitchen!)


  1. Now that is a very cool addition to your kitchen!