Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Off the hook...crochet indigo beanie

I was right about those narcissus being narcissistic...the little attention seekers decided to bloom before I could plant them up in that old wine box. Oh well. They are still a welcome presence in my kitchen. Along with the hyacinths which have also started to make an appearance.

I'm already quite conscious of my grey roots showing through, albeit an inch or so. I knocked up this little beanie in an evening using a dark denim DK wool I had in my stash. The idea being that it was lightweight and therefore more decorative than warm. It's a nice pattern but perhaps a little girly for my taste (it has a wavy edge!) It would probably work better for me in a chunky oatmeal yarn, maybe even cotton, so I will need to adapt the pattern and try again. Not that this first attempt will be assigned to the scrap heap.

(The pattern was free and in pdf format if anyone wants me to email them a copy). It does look slightly more interesting once on a head and the pattern becomes more visible. The front post trebles are ideal for someone tying fptr's for the first time. Easy peasy.

We got J's 'annual clothes shop' out of the way yesterday. He decided that last year's hoodie and sweatshirt were still favourites. Likewise he was set up for shorts, socks and underwear. We went to a large shopping centre (one we call Meadowhell) and sent J off with money and his big sis for updated, invaluable, non negotiable fashion advice.

While M and I were not having very much fun trying to find a blazer for cricket dinners, J and E were getting on very well with both shopping and each other. E finds it hilarious that J will only buy clothes in 'outfits' not in separates. He bought two pairs of skinny jeans, two t shirts and a shirt and we still had plenty of change from fifty quid. He's now under strict instructions to wear the new grey or black jeans out for meals, cinema, town etc but to consign the coloured skinny jeans (purple) to playing Xbox with friends. He's only allowed to wear the shirt undone and over a t shirt. Who knew?

The hat pattern is available for free at


  1. Beautiful hat!!
    We did our big clothes shop today too - Spring has that effect, clearing out the old and refreshing the closet!!

  2. The flowers are lovely. I like the hat and may well give it a go. I want a dk hat for the milder weather. I'm a little behind with my blog reading but always enjoy your writing.