Friday, 8 January 2016

Out with the old, in with the new...wash cloths

The New Year seemed to be a good time to think about new wash cloths. The old ones will be relegated to the kitchen pile, along with M's old shirts which I cut into useful square pieces. Since I banned M from buying wipes, kitchen towel or cloths of any kind it's been surprising how easy it is to find things for rags.

Last year's wash cloths were mainly a crochet shell pattern. This year I fancied something that required even less concentration so that I could run up a few whilst watching our newly acquired Apple TV thingy (M and I are very slow to catch on with new technology these days). The kids (and my parents) convinced us that Netflix was a good thing. Well it is, and we've watched some great films and I'm already on my fourth crochet wash cloth but alas, the plan to walk twice a day in January has totally fallen by the way side! I'm pretty sure that if I asked the dogs if they fancied another walk in the evening they'd both say, 'nah, let's just watch the end of this movie, we like Morgan Freeman'.

I'm using up odds and ends of 100% cotton. The rib pattern on the diagonal is made by crocheting into the back loop and increasing once at each end of the row until the two sides are the desired length and then decreasing once at each end as you go until you've made a square. Simple.

The cream coloured cloth is about 8" square because I only had 30g of that leftover from E's Torquay Jumper. I tend to weigh my cotton and then wind off half of it, crocheting with increases until the first half is used up and then starting the decreasing, that way I can use up all of my odd amounts. 50 or 60g makes a decent size cloth. One movie = one wash cloth!


  1. doesn't sound simple to me (maths and crochet eek) but it's lovely. and we've been watching lots of netflix movies too, last night we watched x+y which was in the comedy category, definitely NOT a comedy but very enjoyable.

  2. A simple pattern but very effective. I like them both but the cream cloth is my favourite.

  3. A simple pattern but very effective. I like them both but the cream cloth is my favourite.