Wednesday, 13 January 2016


The new wash cloths are in a large straight sided glass bowl in the bathroom. They look lovely and clean and fresh, unlike the paintwork in there. Another job for the list this year!

I will return to wash cloths. It is my aim to create a file or book of simple but effective 'go to' patterns. My memory isn't so good so every time I return to an item I want to make I begin the search for a reliable pattern all over again.

Meanwhile my thoughts have turned to a slightly larger project. I'm thinking of texture again and I fancied having a go at something in linen stitch. I've started a cushion cover using wonderfully tactile, 100% Aran wool interspersed with a random tweedy blue wool I picked up from a sale bin quite a while ago! The fabric is sturdy but not stiff, ideal for a cushion. I haven't made any new covers since I upcycled two plain cream wool blankets into envelope covers. A second colour way using this beautiful 100% Welsh wool will go perfectly with our sofas. The wool was a gift and I think this use and stitch will do it justice.

The chunky ceramic buttons were made by a local potter who specialises in raku fired pieces. She is often at the craft markets we have near the Cathedral and I've been buying a pot or two for no other reason than I really love raku fired pottery. I'm not sure how practical ceramic buttons are for a washable garment but I might use them on this cushion cover which will have to be hand washed anyway. On the other hand they might end up on a chunky cowl.

Today's weather (torrential rain) is the perfect excuse for getting comfy on the sofa, a large mug of tea, the dogs at my feet (the cat eyeing me suspiciously from her favourite chair) and something on Netflix while I enjoy the rhythm that is linen stitch. To think that yesterday I wished we lived somewhere hot!

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