Saturday, 25 June 2016

Warm woollen mittens...

Following on from a frenzy of woolly hat making in June why not make woolly mittens too? I had a small quantity of Patons Crofter Aran weight that I found in a charity shop for 50p. It's 60% wool and has the feel of Rowan Big Wool, it's ideal for mittens. The pattern is from the book 'Crocheted Gifts' by Interweave which I've had for years and had the mittens bookmarked since I bought it. As with hats, once you've made them once it is easy to make adjustments for different sizes. I plan to make a pair in a slightly smaller size for E whose hands get cold so easily in the winter. Since there is plenty leftover if you start with 100gms I could easily add a few more rows of the shell cuff for extra warmth.

The pattern looks more complex than it actually is. The mitten is worked in the round until the thumb and then suggests fastening off but I slipped a few stitches to the new starting place which saved cutting and reattaching. They were done and dusted in one evening whilst watching the England vs Sri Lanka cricket.

I've started weekly swimming sessions as a gentle way to exercise my knee. It's certainly a lot less painful than trying to walk on it. I dislike the faff involved in swimming, I'd much rather be traipsing through fields in the fresh air with all the country smells and watching the dogs enjoy themselves but once I'm in the water and particularly once I'm in the jacuzzi after the swim then I have to concede it is quite an enjoyable way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

Today, J is taking a break from his very intense cricket schedule and resting a sore muscle so he'll be joining me for a swim. Not M though. As if driving J all over the country for cricket and watching it on TV wasn't enough, he's now a fully qualified umpire. E is working at a children's farm which she alternatively loves and hates, but mostly loves. It's weekends like this that remind me how difficult it is to actually spend some quality family time together.

I've been catching up on my Scheepjes CAL squares. I've made the first of the week ten squares and decided that I can't bring myself to make four of them. Despite my best efforts the dc edges are a complete nightmare to go round without it looking raggy. It isn't just me, there have been comments from other bloggers. It's just not enjoyable to crochet four squares and settle for untidy edges so I'm going to try and work up something similar that will eliminate the edge problem. Another two weeks of square designs and I think it will be time for a photo call!


  1. Love the mittens, looks like a great pattern. Shame the squares aren't working out on the CAL. Take care.

  2. The mittens look great Juanita. Shame About the squares but I'm sure you'll come up with a better design. x