Thursday, 2 June 2016

On my coffee table today...

I'm definitely not the hearts and bobble type usually but this week's CAL square is quite pleasing in the context of all the other designs. I can cope with hearts and bobbles in small doses! The colour way 'Last dance in the Rain' called for another grey, perhaps a bluish grey, I opted for a blue. I think. I can't always tell the difference between blue and grey.

Knee recovery is slow and frustrating. I seem to be getting good advice from the physiotherapist. For the first time I feel like I know what's happening with this injury. Even with an interpreter (Ella) at the last consultant appointment things seemed pretty vague. Apparently it's now a 'wait and see' situation. Another six weeks or so of being extremely careful and not doing too much (impossible) and see what it's like then. The plastic 3D model of the knee joint she showed me today was interesting. I feel slightly squeamish knowing exactly which bit I've torn now but at least it explains why it hurts so much.

At least there is always crochet. It never seems to get dull. Though I really should not be starting a new project when I have a perfectly good ripple blanket on the go that needs all my spare time if it's to be put to use at cold cricket matches this year. (It's a myth that cricket is played or watched in this county during wonderful British summers!). M is keeping me supplied with extra magazines during this knee recovery phase and I loved the shawl in the latest Simply Crochet. I haven't got anything remotely like a lace weight ombré in my stash so I started it using the four ply alpaca mix I bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show. I'll need another couple of balls to get it to triangular scarf size and it's nothing like the suggested yarn but I'm looking upon it as a stash buster and trial run for when I next come across some interesting hand dyed fine weight yarn. It's a great no frills design with no unnecessary girly bits. I did most of this watching a cricket match from the car whilst Jake froze in what looked like gale force wind and spitting rain. I did offer to crochet the whole team a nice warm beanie but the offer wasn't enthusiastically met! Jake did, however, mow the lawns on bank holiday Monday whilst wearing the crochet Pom Pom hat I made him last Christmas. Result!

Having said that Harvey was a tricky subject to pin down for a photo I set myself a challenge...these were the best I could do. The standing one looking into the camera was only because I was holding his tennis ball! Ha! Gotcha!


  1. Love the shawl, a beautiful design. Take things easy.

  2. The Last Dance in the Rain blanket will be lovely. I really like all the different textures in the squares. Harvey is gorgeous. x

  3. if only they played cricket inside..........