Wednesday, 22 August 2012

analytical thinking...

Or in other words; procrastinating! I've been thinking about my ufo's and working out why they have become so.

The pebble blanket is, on the face of it, a perfect portable project; take one colour, one hook and crochet as many hexagons as you like with very little concentration required. Problem: boredom and monotony (I am determined to finish it though!).

The ripple rug should be finished by now so what is holding me back? It could be the annoying issue with untangling three balls of yarn as I go.

So, with great thought and preparation I have started another blanket. Yes I know, logic seems to have deserted me! I'm avoiding stripes because I hate dealing with all those ends. I'm avoiding small squares to join as you go or sew together afterwards (not looking forward to that task with the pebble blanket as it is). I am also avoiding the monotony factor and I have also taken into account how quickly this blanket will grow... the result?

An Aran weight blanket using whopping 14" squares to be whip stitched together when I am happy with the layout. Each square is one colour but every square will be a different texture.

I am only using existing yarn from my 'Aran' box. I am on my second square, the first is a waffle kind of effect which I will photograph shortly.

An early start for mums taxi service to... Yes you've guessed it, cricket! Two trips for a training day and one match this evening about half an hour away. I am taking my crochet with me!

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  1. I've seen some amazing blankets lately with big afghan squares, I hope you do finish it. Maybe you should reward yourself working on it after you finish another pebble blanket square, that means they would both grow similtaneously!