Thursday, 16 August 2012

home sweet home...

Phew, we are home after an intense week of cricket. I have calculated that we have generated about 15 washing machine loads; that's me busy for the next week or so.

It's been an interesting week, a learning curve for things other than cricket too.

We've also become pro's at packing picnics and making ourselves comfy on the boundary come rain or shine. It was mostly shine this last week and we all look like we've been to a hot country for a fortnight. Who needs expensive holidays abroad?

I didn't do any crochet at all. The cricket was far too exciting. I read a few books between matches though. Look out for 'The Glass Castle' by Jeannette Walls. I couldn't put it down and I haven't read a book like that for a long time.

1 comment:

  1. lovely to hear from you, hope you make it out from under your washing mountain soon!