Tuesday, 21 August 2012

second childhood...

Mr H and I lit a wood fire in the garden last night and decided to wrap our dinner up in silver foil and cook it on the fire. There was a time when the children could tear themselves away from Playstations and Twitter accounts but alas no more. Instead, one grumpy teenager who had just had a shower and didn't want her hair to smell
of bonfire reluctantly retrieved her chicken and butternut squash dinner from the top of the garden. Where did we go wrong? Mind you, perhaps it is slightly eccentric to sit on logs and cook your dinner on anything less than a shiny new B&Q gas barbecue these days?

We did chicken, squash, onions, sweet potato and jacket potatoes and red peppers. Washed down with a tin mug of tea. Certainly a more substantial
offering than the tin of beans my brother and I used to cook in an old pan in the garden when we were kids!

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