Wednesday, 29 May 2013

come rain or shine...

The glorious three days of sunshine are being replaced by three gloomy days of rain. More rain is forecast for tomorrow.

Yesterday I packed my cricket spectating basket accordingly and grabbed a few random balls of yarn in a chunky weight, for a change. I am in danger of overdoing this wonderful ripple stitch but it gives a lovely plump and textured feel which I thought would be ideal for a simple cushion cover.

I like simple projects that don't involve counting stitches or rows for journeys or matches because it's easier to pick up and put down that way.

Somehow these colours look nicer in reality than in the photo's. They kind of go with the other cushions at least, and the wool cupboard is gradually diminishing!

Yesterday Ella had a one hour coaching session with two of the Ladies England Cricket Team no less! Jake was a bit envious! Ella picked up some good bowling and batting tips. They were really nice and approachable. We had a brief chat at the end.

I did find myself wishing I hadn't spread myself so thin when I was Ella's age. I did every sport going; hockey, netball, rounders, golf, athletics, a bit of tennis, badminton, squash, swimming. I did athletics quite seriously for a while and then golf. Cricket was mainly for fun in the back garden with my brother but I did once get asked to play a county match which was terrifying because I barely knew the rules at that age. If I'd known then what I know now... I'd have played more cricket!

The under 15s county girls team had a one day 20-20 knock out format today but it was rained off after the first match which was really disappointing as we had all got up at 6am to travel to the venue. I spent the entire first match sitting underneath a pile of blankets, with two jumpers and a coat on and I was STILL cold!

Jake's evening match for the under 15s was also cancelled. It looks likely that his under 17s match tomorrow will also be rained off. I am a little nervous about him playing with such older boys (he's only 12) but he assures me he will be fine and only has to deliver the 70mph balls not face them!


  1. glad the rain stayed away long enough for Ella to get her training, sounds incredible. shame about the other games, especially after that early start.....

  2. Hope it's not too wet where you are.
    Thanks for your kind words on my blog - yes, our younger dog is getting very spoilt!