Wednesday, 1 May 2013

My family and other animals...

Happiness is...

Having a teenage daughter who 'doesn't do mornings'!
Having a nearly teenage son who bounces or kicks a ball through the house every morning without fail (think Cat in the Hat type disaster zone)
Having a husband who decides to drive a 120 mile round trip to get a small split in a cricket bat repaired because cricket is the be all and end all from April to August

On the other hand happiness is...

Having a dog who is always stupidly pleased to see you
Having a dog who knows when you are ill and turns into a canine hot water bottle
...and whilst lying across you, hot water bottle style, is ultra twitchy with guard dog duties
Having the house to yourself for half a day.... Heaven.

NB. Daffodil rescued from over active dog. Yes it really is this colour, a peach blush at the end of the trumpet. Quite amazing and the only one like it in the whole garden.

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  1. Yes yes yes fully understand Juanita! That's life with teenagers.