Sunday, 19 May 2013

Wind swept and rosy cheeked...

Another cricket match done and dusted. It stayed dry but I doubt it reached the promised eighteen degrees. We sat in a chilly breeze which felt even chillier with cloud cover. I wore my rope stitch poncho for the first time! Woohoo! The older I get the less I care whether something is cool or not! (See 'super chunky poncho' in my 'off the hook' sidebar).

E didn't say 'what are you wearing that in front of my friends for?' So I guess it can't have been too bad. E gave J a run for his money with her bowling stats. She bowled six overs and only went for 16 runs. There was almost a wicket in the shape of a dropped catch. She didn't bat today because we got all the runs we needed with just 4 batsmen.

The venue was rather nice. Witham Prep School near Bourne, set in a lovely countryside location. Very nice sporting facilities and the grass was just like carpet. Days like this I don't mind being a cricket mum.

We get there an hour before the match so the girls can warm up and do some training exercises with the coaches. Today it was warm enough to set our chairs up and for me to do a spot of knitting in the sun. Yes knitting, not crochet for a change!

I sorted out some colourful wool for my sister in law this week and came across a jumper I started at least four years ago. It was a bit on the large side because I had wanted a baggy one but since losing a bit of weight it would have been ridiculously baggy so I unravelled the lot! The wool winder has got to be the best £3 I've ever spent. So I have cast on again, this time four sizes smaller.

To be honest I thought that it would be too painful to do more than a few rows a day. I switched to crochet when I got frustrated with the wrist problems I was having with knitting but it seems that the bigger needles (6.5mm in this case) aren't causing too much discomfort for now.

So, I sat there today wearing my crocheted poncho, knitting a hooded sweater with my thrifted basket by my side, watching my daughter play county cricket, thinking to myself, yep, I've spent worse Sundays than this.


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    1. It would have been even cosier with one of my knitted hats and maybe a pair of hand knitted socks! It might have looked a bit over the top though! J x