Monday, 13 May 2013

Spark out!

It's a tiring business travelling round the country playing cricket but someone's gotta do it!

It wasn't good cricket weather in Cambridge yesterday. When the sun did come out from behind the many clouds it was still cool and extremely windy and the rain came as predicted round about 3pm. Luckily the ground had a car park in view of the match so I was warm and toasty with a flask of tea for the second half while the boys bravely soldiered on.

J wasn't very happy after the last match, not taking any wickets and bowling a few wides. He has got his confidence back now after bowling five overs and taking three wickets for only eleven runs. He didn't bat because we only needed our first three batsmen to get the required number of runs but he didn't mind, he did his bit. Chatted for all of two minutes in the car and then fell fast asleep until we got home.

...and I totally approve of the coach's decision to make them do their 'warm down' routine after the match despite the fact that it was bucketing down by then.

There was only one thing on my mind on the two and a half hour drive home; a nice hot bath.

(and yes he did have his seatbelt on!)

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