Monday, 3 June 2013

Monday Monday...

Mollie has been with us for 9 of her 12 years and in all that time I have never run out of cat food and been tempted to give her dog food. Experienced cat people will know there is clearly a difference. I never thought for a minute it would upset her because she steals dog food as it comes out of the tin as I'm serving it up for Harvey. A proper serving all to herself created quite a problem... look away now if you are of a delicate disposition... cat sick everywhere, well ok, it wasn't that bad, just neat little piles in a few places. Honestly, dogs are a lot less bother I find. So we have had to say goodbye to Mollie's favourite sleeping place; her Amazon box. This has rather disturbed her routine. Here she is trying out my laundry basket for size.

It was perfect picnic weather here in the uk today. On the spur of the moment I packed a flask of tea, salad and strawberries and set off to a small market town that has a lovely woodland and picnic area close by. I had a quick browse in a few charity shops to see if I could stock up in some light summer reading and found a book that could have been written for Jake. It's about a boy that wants to be the fastest bowler in the world.

He looked a bit puzzled about it and gave me a 'you've bought me a book to read knowing that I don't really enjoy reading books' kind of look. It was one of my crafty one step ahead moves for when we pitch the caravan and the wifi doesn't work (like the one we've just been to!). I can live in hope. Meanwhile Daddy likes the look of it even though its written for school age boys!

I picked up the cheesiest looking 'knitting novel' too. Set in Massachusetts; I like to read books set in other countries during the summer months, it's cheaper than travel!

Also in my haul was a couple of pieces of rustic studio pottery and a denim jacket for E which she loves and it was only £4. I then had my picnic and a friendly chat with the litter picking man, who was doing a sterling job of trying to obtain litter before I'd even created any. Not that I would ever leave any behind. Then perhaps the best bit was a lovely cooling walk through the pine trees with lots of rhododendrons out in bloom, they always remind me of home, Sussex.

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