Monday, 17 June 2013

Outlaws beat Bears...

I blinked and the weekend was gone!

A pretty good one though. I had Saturday to myself (mostly). I did succeed in dragging 'nearly-teenage-boy' away from his gaming for a few hours. It cost me some school supplies, two balls for indoor cricket and a double scoop mint choc chip ice cream! See? When in doubt resort to bribery.

We did have a lovely moment or two whilst sitting in a nice picnic spot overlooking an old racecourse, albeit in the car during a torrential shower. I had my takeaway salad lunch and J had his all time favourite cheeseburger (he's a man of habit). I suggested a game of I-spy knowing fully well he isn't four years old anymore (i spy with my littul eye, somefin ginning with curly cuh', um car? Yes!!!). He went along with it. It's surprising how funny it can be. He got my windmill, castle, cathedral and horses and I failed to get his clouds and later, sky. Doh, and I always thought I was more in tune with how J's mind works!

The highlight of the weekend was popping over to Nottingham and watching Notts play Warwickshire at Trent Bridge. It was an exciting second half with Samit Patel knocking his first century for three years including a number of massive sixes, and finishing on a six to win. Everyone stood up to clap.

We weren't sure whether the rain would hold off but it did and we even got sunburnt in the final hour. It was extra especially nice to go with Mum and Dad too. Much picnic food got passed up and down between us all, and to think I was worried about going hungry!

E has decided she wants to be Nuts the Squirrel when she grows up! Though I reminded her of the problems of having to like small children, blistering heat and looking like an idiot. She changed her mind.

Bit disappointed we can't go and see Notts versus my home county of Sussex on Friday due to one of E's cricket matches but I suppose I'd be very unpopular cheering Sussex on.

So, today it is back to real life! Washing, housework, la, la, la.

The game is reviewed in more detail here

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